#ACPH16 Animax Carnival is back in the Philippines in 2016


Animax is bringing it back again in Manila“… Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 #ACPH16


Animax Carnival is the biggest signature on-ground event of Animax, which had rolled out across Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines. Full of fun and exciting carnival games, interactive booths, and down to the hottest and most popular Japanese artists, Animax Carnival will bring two periods, two worlds, into one big and awesome event this year!

Animax is Asia’s leading destination for Japanese anime and offers a wide variety of programs from popular genres such as action, romance, horror, supernatural, sci-fi, comedy and slice-of-life. Home to some of the biggest anime titles which are simulcast with Japan, Animax entertains hardcore fans in 32 million homes across 15 territories in Asia. Hit series include K: Return of Kings, Fafner EXODUS, Assassination Classroom and Fairy Tail.

A lot of fun activities awaits you from games and activities from 4 experience zones:


Animax City – Try this activities on the booths from your favorite anime series shown on Animax

Edo-period Japan – Play traditional Japanese carnival games and see special performances from the Edo Period.

OO-Kun and Friends – Join OO-Kun as you challenge his friends’ activities

The Anime fan in you – These is where you can find all anime and cosplay goods in one place

Cosplay Competition:


Come and cosplay as one of your favorite anime characters on stage for the Animax Category and create your own cosplay design based on modern-infused, Edo Period Japan for the Carnival Inspired Category. How to participate? You can visit http://www.animax-asia.com/acph16/cosplay to know more.

Catch watch these artist from japan perform live your favorite anime and japanese songs:




ELISA made her music debut in October 2007 with “euphoric field”, the opening theme song of ef – a tale of memories. Since then, ELISA has also performed theme songs for several notable animes such as VALVRAVE The Liberator and The irregular at magic high school. With her inimitable angelic voice, she is now one of the majorpan anime song singers in Japan!


Catch her perform live at the Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 on October 15, 2016.


やなぎなぎ (yanaginagi) started her music career as an artiste/vocalist in 2006, with the aim to create music that is fairytale-like, with scenes of nostalgia and a casual lifestyle. She made her major solo debut in February 2012, and has since released 13 singles and 3 albums. Her delicate voice leaves a deep impression in those who have heard her music.


Catch her perform live at the Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 on October 15, 2016.


Wajima Ami(和島あみ) is a 17-year-old singer from Kutchan, Hokkaido, who won the “Next Generation Anison Singer Audition” held by Pony Canyon and HoriPro.


Catch her perform live at the Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 on October 16, 2016.


May’n had derived her artiste name from her real name, with the desire in her heart to be able to “become the main theme of everyone’s lives and sing for them.” In 2008, she performed as a singing voice of Diva of the Galaxy, Sheryl Norm, in the TV anime Macross Frontier. She then released two singles in the same year which instantly became big hits, each placing in the Top 3 on the Oricon WeeklyChart.

May’n has taken on countless roles in TV Anime, drama series, performing theme songs for movies. Having completed 4 successful overseas world tours, her largest-scale world tour as of yet was in February 2014, in which she held over 70 performances across the 47 prefectures of Japan as well as overseas venues
(Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia)

On 26 August 2015, May’n held her 10th Anniversary concert at the Japan Budokan. It was her 4th time performing at the prestigious location. At the same time she released her first Best Album “POWERS OF VOICE”.

Catch her perform live at the Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 on October 16, 2016.

See you on the 15th and 16th of October at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines for 2 days of fun filled fun and excitement. Buy your tickets now SM Tickets!

Ticket C = 299 Pesos – Access to Exhibition Hall only

Ticket B = 499 Pesos – All-access w/ chance for autograph signing with artist

Ticket A = 799 Pesos – All-access w/ chance for autograph signing with artist + concert

OO-Kun’s Golden Ticket* = 1,200 Pesos – VIP seats; all-access w/ chance for autograph signing with artist + concert.

*Tickets are available on first-come, first-served basis and are limited to 300 seats for both days only.



All tickets are considered as a two-day pass. Attendees will get an exclusive door gift from Animax upon admission.


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