Otaku Expo Reload: TokuSpirits

Anime fans and cosplayers gathered  in the Megatrade Hall  for the Otaku Expo Reload: TokuSpirits. The two day event was held on August 12 and 13, making it a weekend for fans to look out for.


Fans, cosplayers, and photographers flocked inside and outside the halls for photos with the cosplayers. Although there were more people outside the event, people still go in the halls for the different booths set up. There was the Maid Café to serve their treats, booths with different kinds of cosplay and fandom merchandise, and the artists’ booth.

The event’s stage area became livelier the afternoon came when the activities and contests began.


The event had its usual contests such as the Donut and Pizza Eating Contest, and Burger Eating Contest with Zarks. There was also the Anime Singing Contest and Battle of The Bands where contestants show their talents in music by playing and singing songs from different animes. An all-girl-band made an impression not just by their performance but also by their uniforms.  And of course, the Cosplay Competition in which cosplayers got to showcase their costume while they portray their favorite characters through skits and reenactments.



The highlight of the event is the TokuSpirits where Tokusatsu actors take over the stage to entertain the fans. Ryosuke Kaizu, Michiko Makino, Kei Shindachiya, Kenta Satou, Ei Hamura, and Toshihide Wakamatsu performed the songs of the show they starred in. Each of them had their way with the audience, making the event livelier by interacting with them. They also held a raffle where the lucky winners were given items from the actors and of course, a photo op with them.

The event ended with the announcement of winners from the different contests. Fun and enjoyment filled the attendees of Otaku Expo Reload.


photos by: Setsu Ani Media


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